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Saba-quest Namasté

Reflect on Life choices in Magical Bali

Namasté retreat in  Bali 

Discover Yourself in Magical Bali

Namaste! We bow to you and to Life; what a fitting name for the villa where we hold our retreat.

Namaste is a greeting and gesture from the Far East that says, "I see you for who you are."

💫 Can you see yourself? Who are you meant to be?

You know those little voices that keep asking:

❔ What if I get fired?

❔ Is this really the job I enjoy?

❔ Is my partner truly the right one?

❔ When is it time for me?

These are life questions that deserve the priority, time, and loving attention they need. Attention that can't be found in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

💫 The answers lie deep within your heart and soul, depths that are not accessible through your mind alone.

💙 That's why we invite you to join us in the peace, space, and embracing attention of Bali to give these questions the priority they deserve.
💙 A sabbaquest: a mini-sabbatical focused on the questions that matter to you.

Practically speaking, we not only facilitate the process but also take you to places that we know will invite you to delve deeper, often in unexpected ways 😉

For example, we start with a cleansing ritual at one of the oldest temples in Bali.

If you want to learn more about the Bali retreat, we organize information evenings via Zoom.

Sign up for the next session (e.g., June 6 at 19:00 - via the link below).

Our next retreat in 2024 is from September 5 to September 15.

(If you arrive in Ubud on September 4, we will arrange transportation to the location.)

Join us and discover the answers to your questions in magical Bali.

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Bali offer

Why Bali

When you let go of all barriers with a group of like-minded individuals in a powerful, energetically rich environment where you can fully relax and feel, there's a great chance that the answer will reveal itself.

We've visited Bali many times, and it is such a place. Bali is called the Island of the Gods for a reason. People there still live close to nature, embracing its powerful forces and influences every day.

There are thousands of temples where this connection is made daily. The Balinese society is entirely different from ours. People are much more connected with each other, focusing less on the individual.

The visible and invisible are in a beautiful dynamic balance, inviting everyone to truly show themselves.

Join us in Bali and discover the transformative power of our retreats. Embrace the opportunity to find the answers you seek in a place where nature, spirituality, and community come together in perfect harmony.
Let Bali, with its serene beauty and profound energy, guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself.

The Namasté program: what to expect?

Discover the Answers You Seek in a 10-Day Sabaquest or Mini Retreat

In a 10-day Sabaquest or mini-retreat, you'll uncover the answer to the core question that lingers within you. Why? Because you are fully taken care of, surrounded by like-minded individuals, and given the priority, loving attention, and space needed for your personal journey.

Principles of a Retreat or Sabaquest

A retreat or Sabaquest always involves certain principles. The purpose is to let go of habits that do not truly serve you. This part, called 'purification,' is essential to create space and clarity for the answers that want to manifest within you.

Life during the retreat will be very simple, providing ample time for meditation, contemplation, and connecting with nature and its powerful energies. Every morning starts with a guided meditation, and we will make room for walks and other energy-boosting exercises.

Activities and Experiences

In addition to nature walks, we incorporate time for massages during the retreat. We also enjoy healthy and simple Balinese/Indonesian food. All meals are prepared locally and served in our villa. In your individual journey, you will also find that engaging with others in this way gives a significant boost to your process. Therefore, there will be a daily group discussion, space for individual conversations, and you'll be encouraged to keep a simple journal.

Excursions and Experiences

Bali is home to many powerful places, rituals, and ceremonies. We want you to experience this and will take you to various special temples where we will be immersed in ceremonies. All of this is designed to invite you to let go, creating space for who you truly are and for the answers to the questions you bring to this Sabaquest.

Location of the Sabaquest

The Sabaquest takes place in the north of Bali, where we have rented a true paradise for our group. It is a beautiful villa, far from the hustle and bustle, with its own pool, spacious garden, and direct access to the sea. Each room has its own bathroom, and the dedicated staff is always ready to assist us.

Who Is This For?

This Sabaquest is open to anyone who wants to give themselves a chance to completely unwind and discover their true purpose in life. It can be attended alone or very well with your partner. The maximum group size is 8 participants, following a 'first come, first served' policy.

Your Investment

For the 10-day Sabaquest, we offer a special introductory price of €1489. This includes accommodation and full board in Lovina during the retreat (based on a shared room, excluding extra personal snacks and drinks), the organized inspirational activities (including access), and of course, the program facilitated by the founders of Changespirators.

Please note: The flight and any additional personal expenses are your responsibility. Flight costs vary and increase each year but can be booked for around €900 for a round trip if you act quickly.

Your Guides

The Sabaquest is led by Frans and Lonnie, the founders of Changespirators.

Join us and embark on a journey to discover the true answers within yourself, set against the serene backdrop of magical Bali.

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Ja, ik ontvang graag meer tips en inspiratie van Changespirators om mijn well-being te boosten.
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Bali was absolutely wonderful: warm, sultry, delicious food, beautiful nature, special rituals, connection, depth, and so much more. I’m glad I didn’t know in advance that it would also involve some 'work,' haha. Every evening was about evaluating the day and gaining (new) insights not just for yourself but also through others.

What it brought me most was rediscovering my WOW feeling, the joy!

One evening, during the evaluations, I shared my day about dolphins and snorkeling, shifting from a 'poverty mindset' to a 'richness mindset.' Lonnie was disappointed, and the conversation that followed was tough, but... eventually, the penny dropped. It was a beautiful and important moment!

Not putting myself down! Seeing just one dolphin is already fantastic! And seeing Nemo fish in an orange anemone, so cute! Finding the pearl in the pain. Feeling and sharing, extraordinary!

So for me: I’m taking the 'musts' out of my life and doing what feels right. LETTING things happen! Feeling, breathing, connecting, watching. LIVING and enjoying. Seeking the WOW feeling, the joy.




Ready for that real transformation? 

Frans en Lonnie

7 reasons for this Sabaquest 

  • Discover Answers to Your Life's Deepest Questions e.g. on purpose, relationship,personal growth
  • Give yourself the precious gift of time, loving attention, and a serene space to reflect
  • Experience Unwavering Care and Support, surrounded by a community of kindred spirits,
  • Immerse yourself in a series of transformative activities and experiences tailored to ignite your personal journey
  • Receive Practical Tools for Lifelong Empowerment
  • Bask in Bali's Enchanting Energy and Beauty
  •      Embark on a courageous journey of self-discovery and renewal.

    By choosing to join us in Bali, you're boldly declaring your commitment to personal growth and awakening to the fullness of life's possibilities.

What do others say

Life unfolds itself

The beautiful retreat in Bali has brought me even deeper/closer to myself, in my perception! It's sinking in more and more that I am who I am, that I can lovingly let go and allow, that life unfolds itself, and that everything is allowed to be!

Monique over Bali


The goddess within me comes alive

The goddess within me comes alive when I think of Bali, of the steam and the water. It makes me feel that I want and will do that for myself, now, not later. Surrender, the backward bend toward life, is what has stayed with me as a symbol.

Iris Bali
I delve into my core without even realizing it.

I delve into my core without even realizing it.
The wonderfully serene environment encourages me to do nothing, to the point where I don't even feel the urge to control anything.

It's a fantastic combination of unfolding, nature, a lovely group, and Frannie.

Stef Bali

The Bali retreat as a couple

The perfect setting for a retreat. The tropical nature and mystical culture are overwhelming. Our beautiful accommodation and delicious food are the icing on the cake. As a relative newcomer to this circuit, Moniek and I undergo the process that unfolds over 10 days together. It's enlightening to see how we, as a couple, react to each other through the eyes of others. In conversations with the group and with Frans and Lonnie, my personal quest for meaning also takes a surprising turn.

We return home on Thursday afternoon. By Friday morning, I'm back at work. I expected this shock effect to quickly bring me back to "reality." Nothing could be further from the truth. A second "reality" has emerged that isn't easily brushed aside. Every day, I'm aware of everything the retreat has caused. Experiencing the process together with Moniek allows us the advantage of being involved daily. Not that everything is now perfectly harmonious, as sometimes it feels like I'm living in two worlds. The world of "being lived" still regularly fights for dominance with that of relaxation and insight.

Even our relationship now functions differently. We quickly see how we interact with each other and can (mostly) respond well. But here too, the world of connection exists alongside the world of being preoccupied with oneself. These worlds are often at odds. In old terms: The battle isn't over, but I already know who will emerge as the winner. Now it feels more like: The "renewing" virus I caught turns out to be an antivirus. Thanks to the retreat in Bali!